New Pedestrian and Bike Lanes Expected For Moose Lake

Added path to Highway 73


MOOSE LAKE, Minn- Some big changes are planned for Moose Lake.

A $600,000 grant has been awarded to the city by the Minnesota Department of Transportation to build a new pedestrian and bike path along Highway 73.

The grant money would cover about half of the cost of building the two lane trail from Highway 73 to County Road 10, which happen to be the two largest intersections in Moose Lake.

The 2012 flood prompted construction of the new school in the community.

Now paarents and children have not had a safe place to walk or bike to the new location.

The city has partnered with several organizations to find out how many people this unsafe access is affecting.

The amount of parents and childrenĀ  walking to school has since declined due to the unsafe area of Highway 73, especially with cars traveling up to 55 miles per hour.

The city is very grateful for the help to provide a secure environment for the community.

The initial grant will take care of a large portion of funding to get the project started, but the city is exploring options to cover the estimated total cost of 1 million dollars

The city says they are not interested in using the taxpayer’s money. they expect all funding to come from local partners.

Depending on when the remaining funding comes together the project could begin construction as early as 2021.

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