Make Your Own Wreath at Glensheen

Mansion Holds Wreath Making

DULUTH, Minn.- Who needs to buy holiday decorations, when you can make them?

Wednesday night at Glensheen, people learned how to make wreaths.

Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center brought all the fresh materials, like balsam branches, cedar and pine cones from its 18,000 acres of land.

The aroma of fresh pine and balsam branches relaxed the room.

For $20, participants could wire wreaths, customizing them with different accents like bows and holly.

“It’s kinda peaceful, getting to wire it all together and then just how it all fills out,” said Kristen Anthony, Volunteer Naturalist with the Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center.

“I’d say, it’s easier than you think.”‘

According to the Boulder Lake Volunteers, wreath making is actually far from wasteful.

It helps the environment, too.

Balsam crop is fire fuel, and grows thick in the area.

By harvesting it, it keeps the fire fuel at bay.

Then the trees grow back again every 3-4 years, making it an abundant renewable resource.

The wreath making at Glensheen is first-come, first-served.

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