Meet “Tug” the Pier B Ambassador!

Tugboat or "Tug" Goes to Work with His Owner, Nikki Anderson, Five Days a Week at Pier B Resort in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – Can you believe it? Tugboat or “Tug” the Pier B Ambassador is already seven months old!

Tug’s owner, Nikki Anderson, works as Director of Operations at Pier B Resort in Duluth.

Anderson was asked by the folks at Pier B a few months ago if she would be interested in getting another puppy, having him trained and bringing him to work with her.

Anderson agreed, and Tug now calls the resort his second home.

Tug has already spent three months in training.

Anderson is enrolled in training to learn more about how to best handle Tug, and teach him new tricks.

Anderson says Tug currently spends a lot of time greeting guests in the lobby of the resort, and will eventually work to chase geese off the grounds of Pier B.

Anderson says will work to become the community’s dog, and the best doggie Ambassador Pier B could ever ask for.

If you’d like to visit Tug, he primarily works Tuesday through Saturday.

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