Body Cam Video Released In Officer-Involved Shooting in Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The Superior Police Department has released body cam video from an October officer-involved shooting that injured Joshua M. Farmer, 19, of South Range, who was a suspect at the time involving a theft.

The three videos released by the police department Wednesday are portions of the full videos before shots were fired.

“The videos have been clipped as not to show the actual footage of Mr. Farmer being shot by the officers nor the life saving measures and the blood related to those life saving measures for Mr. Farmer,” said Capt. Thomas Champaigne.

During the videos, you can hear multiple exchanges between the officers and Farmer, including when an officer asked what was in Farmer’s pocket after Farmer said he had a gun on him.  That so-called gun would later turn out to be a wrench.

Officer: “What are you going to do with it if you take it out of your pocket.”

Joshua Farmer: “I’m going to shoot at you. You are going to die or I am going to die.”

Another exchange before Farmer is shot by officers indicates police tried to deescalate the situation.

Officer: “What’s going to happen when you finish that [a beverage the suspect is holding]. Don’t, don’t, don’t, just take your hand out of your pocket. This doesn’t have to go like this.”

Joshua Farmer: “I’m sorry I ruined your day.”

“Obviously these incidents are tragic for everyone involved,” said Superior Police Chief Nicholas Alexander. “Obviously for the person deadly force is used on, and the officers involved, I truly feel our officers want to avoid these types of situations and use the tools and training to avoid them.”

After the shooting, Farmer would later tell authorities he was trying to commit suicide during the incident.  Farmer was hospitalized for some time for six bullet wounds.

Barron County District Attorney Brian Wright concluded there will be no criminal charges against the officers.  As for Farmer, Douglas County District Attorney Mark Fruehauf has charged him with three felony counts of threats to law enforcement officers, one count of obstructing an officer, and one count of retail theft.  For more on the charges and why officers were cleared, click here.

Officer Christopher Woolery body cam:

Officer George Gothner body cam:

Officer Michael Kendall body cam:

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