Pair of Grinches Responsible for $2,500 in Damages at Bentleyville

Vandals were caught on security camera

DULUTH, Minn. – The search is on for a pair of grinches that created $2,500 in damage at Bentleyville Tour of Lights.

They were caught in the act on security cameras.

On Tuesday night, a door to the food and toy area was broken into.

Bentleyville officials though it was a one-time incident but the vandals were back on Wednesday night when they smashed a cash register and window.

Bentleyville security video captured the two suspects on camera Wednesday night where they can be seen trying to break into a donation wishing well, which they could not do successfully.

The suspects then made their way to the Santa area, where they grabbed a display box and threw it through a store window where they tried to steal what they could.

Bentleyville founder, Nathan Bentley, tells us nothing of value was stolen from the display. He calls is “disheartening” that people would want to damage a family and community event.

“Bentleyville is the people’s Christmas enjoyment,” said Bentley. “It’s not mine, it’s the volunteers, it’s the public’s, everybody embraces it, people support it, they sponsor it, they come down and volunteer and then you’ve got one or two or multiple people trying to destroy something that belongs to so many thousands and hundreds of thousands of people.”

Bentley has multiple clips of the suspects on camera.

He tells us Bentleyville has more security than people realize, but he doesn’t want to get into detail about all they have in place.

Bentley also told us he recently captured video of a person making a donation to the lighting display after hours.

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