Survey Results Released For ‘Imagine Canal Park’ Experiments

DULUTH, Minn. – Survey results are in from the Imagine Canal Park pop-up experiments that will be used as a guide to the city of Duluth as to what people want or don’t want for the future of that busy tourist section of town.

More than 1,200 residents, visitors, business owners and stakeholders filled out of the survey.

Out of some of the key categories, 62 percent did not like Buchanan Street blocked off in front of Little Angie’s to traffic for a public gathering space.

Divers and residents believe that street is a valued shortcut in Canal Park, according to the report.

77 percent of respondents did not like the lane changes on Lake Avenue because it took away parking spots and worsened conditions for walkers and bikers.

But people did like the new left turn onto Morris Street by Grandma’s restaurant.

O the flip side, 96 percent of respondents approved and want the expansion of the Cold Front February,” especially the ice trail along the lake.

And overall, the Canal Park way-finding signs and decals were a hit, with suggestions to expand those signs into downtown Duluth.

For much more on the survey results, click here.

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