Duluth Depot Hosts Annual Veterans Remembrance Dinner

This years dinner focused on the evolution of armor in the United States Military

DULUTH, Minn.- The Depot hosted the annual Veterans Remembrance Dinner with a focus on the evolution of armor in the United States Military.

The dinner celebrates the Veterans Memorial Hall Program which dates back to 1909. That’s when Civil War veterans gathered in the St. Louis County Courthouse which is now the Duluth Depot. Every year the historical society makes it a point to capture veterans’ history.

“The beginning of the end of war starts with remembrance. And there were assurances made in 1909 that, that group that gathered in the county courthouse, now at the depot, would always remember those who came before them and be committed to collecting the stories of those who followed,” said executive director Joanne Coonmbe.

Local businesses sponsor the event.

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