Opening Day at Chester Bowl

The hill is open Thursday-Monday Dec through March.

DULUTH, Minn.- It was opening day at Chester Bowl, a day many Duluthians of all ages have been waiting for.

“The kids have been talking about it for weeks, months even. They’ve really been looking forward to getting back out on the hill. Just the close vicinity and the great opportunity to get out there with their friends…they were up early talking about it and got out here as soon as we could,” said parent volunteer John Eastvold.

With Chester Bowl, what you see is what you get. This one hill is the only hill making it extremely family friendly while also giving young skiers and snowboarders more independence than they might have at larger ski areas.

“We love to see families out here. Kids with their parents, kids with their friends developing their independence…kids learn on steeper parts of the hill which is harder in the short term but in the longer term makes them better skiers and snowboarders,” said Chester Bowl Director Dave Schaeffer.

“All of the programming that the park offers really is a great thing that our kids take advantage of. They get out here, they learn to ski, they learn to snowboard here. Just the fact that it’s right in the city but it’s this little oasis,” said Eastvold.

This little oasis is also a non profit offering scholarships to anyone who requests one.

“Last winter we offered over 17,000 dollars in scholarships just for our winter program… So that makes a sport that can be very expensive, accessible to any family regardless of income,” said Schaeffer.

The inclusivity and affordability of Chester Bowl gives everyone something to look forward to year after year.

“I love seeing anybody out here and then when you see the program open up to others that may not have had the opportunity to ski or snowboard otherwise. A lifetime sport in the winter and really if you live in Duluth in the winter you need something to be excited about in the winter. So to have opening day like today, get people excited to be outside all winter long, can’t ask for more,” said Schaeffer.

Chester Bowl is open Thursday through Monday with a projected closing day of March 17th.


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