Community Wishes Troops Happy Holidays, from Depot

Letter Writing Session Open to All Ages

DULUTH, Minn.- Forget letters to Santa, members of the community of all ages made holiday greetings to send to our troops overseas.

Craft supplies and of course, plenty of paper were available for people to jot down messages wishing the Troops a Happy Holidays.

Historical Re-enactors explained that throughout history, soldiers have always treasured letters from home.

“It’s nice holiday cheer, everybody likes to be involved in the holiday times.” said Jason Grimm, portraying a 2nd Lieutenant from the Civil War.

“The earlier wars there was much very flowery language: ‘miss me if I am gone and if you feel the gentle wind on your cheek, know that is my spirit passing you by, and still loving you when I am gone.'”

The letter writing campaign was organized by Veterans Memorial Hall, the Duluth Art Institute, and the Historic Union Depot.

A young boy drops his letter off in the burlap “U.S. Mail” bag.

In one swift, innocent movement, that young man sent off some much needed holiday cheer to those giving their all for our country.

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