Northern Star: Mac Reykdal

For this week's segment, we sit down with one Wisconsin-Superior basketball player who aims to make a difference on and off the court.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Mac Reykdal is having a breakout year on the court this season; he scored a career–high 27 points in the Yellowjackets loss on Saturday at Minnesota Morris. But Reykdal’s work off the court is standing out more.

“Really takes a lot of pride in what he does, both on the court and off the court. It’s something he’s really been motivated since I arrived here last year to want to be involved in as much as he’s motivated to do well on the court as well,” head coach Greg Polkowski said.

The Washburn, Wisconsin native earned the Superior Community Service award last year after helping with multiple service events throughout the year. But Reykdal doesn’t care about the awards. He just wants to make the difference that he saw as a child.

“I’ve been coming here since I was a young kid in tournaments and like to be able to put on the Yellowjacket uniform and just, it means the world because I looked up to those players when I was young and then to be able to be one of those players that another kid could look up to, it just means a whole world and I just try to be the person that someone can look up to,” Reykdal said.

For this year’s Week of Giving, Reykdal went Caroling for Cans, volunteered at Bentleyville, and rang bells at Super One, but he doesn’t need a week or a holiday season as a reason to give back.

“Seeing the smile on their face, the face–to–face interactions is the best part. It means a whole world when you see that you made someone’s day and the same thing for us because our days were made too,” Reykdal said.

While Reykdal is out there making the difference in the community, he’s making a difference on the basketball team and within the athletic department.

“He’s a guy that we really think can be the identity of our program, and what he does both on the court and off. He embodies all those things, you know most service work, in the classroom, on the floor, hard work, putting the extra time in that’s what he’s about so he’s definitely a leader by action right now,” Polkowski said.

While the Yellowjackets try to turn things around, Reykdal is ready help motivate his team because to him, basketball and community service mean the same.

“I don’t think my success on the court, if I have any, it wouldn’t be there unless I had these traits in my blood where I wanna go out and help other people. Like, on the basketball court, it’s the same thing. You see your teammate down on the ground, you want to pick them up and help them get through it and whatever’s going on, that’s kind of my mindset is like, today might be hard but tomorrow can better and same thing for basketball. The last play happened, good or bad, whatever happened so let’s move on to the next play and make that the best play possible,” Reykdal said.

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