Sclavi’s Italian Restaurant & Bar is Closing Its Doors

The Restaurant has Been Open for Four Years

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Sclavi’s Italian Restaurant and Bar in Superior is closing its doors for good on Dec. 29 after four years of serving the community.

The restaurant made the announcement on its Facebook page Tuesday afternoon saying in part:

“There are so many variables and factors that go into the success and failure of a restaurant, after all, it’s a very high risk business with very low profit margins and the requirements to offer full-service are significant. Our busiest, wildest nights never made up for our slow nights. We’ve operated with our own money and are not backed by banks or investors. The fact is, we simply don’t have enough revenue to stay operational any longer. That is ok.”

The restaurant says they will still honor reservations and gift certificates until the last night of service.

The restaurant opened in October 2014.

Owner Anthony Sclavi tells us his business saw an average growth of 35% for the first three and a half years but it had a 50% drop about a year ago which they could not recover from.

Now, Sclavi has a message for the community:

“Stay local as much as possible. This area’s got nothing but great places that can easily be overlooked by maybe shinier, flashier lights or bigger parking lots but really this place has gems that you can’t find even in the Twin Cities or larger metro areas so keep it going,” said Sclavi.

A different version of Sclavi’s closed several years ago.

It was owned by different members of the same family and was in the same location.

The current version of Sclavi’s will close its doors on December 29th.

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