Hales Lights Brighten Park Point for the Last Year

Hales Says, It Must Come to an End

DULUTH, Minn.- A Park Point tradition seems to be coming to a close this year.

Marcia Hales ‘s “Holiday Spirit in the Lights” display opened Friday night, for the final time according to Hales.

With a heavy heart from all, Hales is switching on her lights for the last time, after two decades bringing smiles to young and old, brighter than the lights themselves.

Within a few minutes of the lights coming on at 5, the cozy grove fills up with parents, kids, and couples, their wide–eyed faces aglow with the many ornate light displays.

But many light displays, require a lot of work.

And after 20 years, Marcia Hales said it’s simply too much.

“The last few years I’ve said its gonna be my last and something always seems to come up,” said Hales. “But I’ll be 74 January 2nd, and it’s just getting to be too much for this old lady to do.”

“It’s a 24/7 job once lights are turned on.”

But today, it’s all about the beginning.

The crowds gathered around the fireplace, enjoying hot s’mores cookies, soaking in the best of the holiday season, at Park Point’s own Christmas attraction, running until December 31st.

After 20 years, the show still astounds all ages.

“Even though this is her last year, she does a really great job at these decorations,” said young Kaleijah Rapp.

Her and her sister could be seen frolicking around the grove, marveling at the glowing reindeer and polar bears.

Are they sad about the show ending?

“Yes,” Kaleijah said. “And I’ve been here for almost my whole life, about 10 years.”

“I’ve been here about 7,” added her younger sister, Kayla.

Despite being a seasoned veteran of lights, Marcia still retains her warmth, inviting people in for some chili and smoked fish, a true embodiment of that Northland hospitality.

As Marcia reminisces about her 20 years bringing holiday cheer to Park Point, her eyes well up with tears.

“The wonderful people, and seeing the joy and getting to meet many people and share Christmas with everyone.”

Because over the years, this really has become my Christmas.”

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