Iron Mug Arranges Gifts for Christmas Giveaway

Mike Letica Hosting Toy Giveaway

DULUTH, Minn.- As the holidays fast approach, many families are forced to sit with the realization that they can’t afford to buy Christmas presents.

Well, Mike Letica and his team at Iron Mug Coffehouse is trying to change that again this year.

They’re currently sorting through $10,000 worth of toys, to hand out to families in need this Christmas.

The mountain of toys dominating the back room of the Iron Mug were donated by the community.

Some businesses donated money, which Letica and his team used to purchase $3,300 in toys.

“Christmastime, it’s a giving time,” Letica said. “I know it’s always perceived as a receiving time , know, when you get gifts. But giving is much more fulfilling than it is to receive.”

“So these people are all coming here, I’m helping, the community’s helping, by giving the opportunity for parents to give gifts to their children.”

If you or someone you know needs a little help to make Christmas a little brighter, Iron Mug will be distributing the toys at the Coffeehouse this Tuesday at 5pm.

Donations are still welcome.

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