CEO, Co-Founder of Cirrus Aircraft To Step Down In 2019

Dale Klapmeier Will Take On Role As Senior Adviser

DULUTH, Minn.- Dale Klapmeier, CEO and co-founder of Cirrus Aircraft, has announced he will be stepping down next year.

Klapmeier said it’s simply time for him to slow down a little bit after more than 30 years on the job.

Cirrus has not decided on a new CEO just yet. The company will consider candidates internally and from the outside.

Meanwhile, Klapmeier said just because he’s slowing down does not mean the company is.

“We set out to change the industry 35 years ago. We’ve done that, but this company isn’t done with that. We’re going to continue to change. We’re going to continue to offer new products, better services. We’re just starting to grow and we truly do believe the best is yet to come,” Klapmeier said.

Klapmeier will serve as CEO for about the next six months before transitioning into the role of senior adviser.

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