New Details Emerge Regarding the Dismissal of a Cloquet Police Officer

The nature of the misconduct allegations that directly led to Beckman's dismissal were not made clear.

CLOQUET, Minn.- New details are emerging involving the dismissal of a Cloquet police officer – 18–year veteran of of the police force Scott Beckman is now on a mutually agreed upon paid leave through September of 2019.

Because of the circumstances related to Beckman’s departure, 18 criminal cases in Carlton county have been dismissed and 25 other cases involving Beckman are being reviewed for possible dismissal.

We now know that of the 18 dismissed criminal cases involving Beckman, several of them included felony fifth degree drug charges, fourth–degree drug sales, damage to property and other violent crimes.

A previous public data request made by the Cloquet Pine Knot earlier this month revealed information about some of the dismissed charges. One of cases “was dismissed even though the defendant had already pleaded guilty,” according to the Pine Knot News.

Cloquet city leaders tell us their involvement in Beckman’s situation is finished until further notice and they have followed all applicable protocols related to the disclosure of public information involving Beckman’s case at this time.

“The city would like to stress that in all cases where disclosure is required from our police officers to prosecutors, we follow all applicable state statutes related to that disclosure,” city administrator Aaron Reeves said.

Beckman has been disciplined by the police department in the past for a couple of incidents, but the nature of the misconduct allegations that directly led to Beckman’s dismissal were not made clear.

Beckman’s dismissal was approved in a closed meeting by the Cloquet city council in a 4–3 vote for his release.

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