Northeast Minnesota Has Found Housing For All Homeless Vets On Waiting List

Accomplishment made in the effort to end veteran homelessness


DULUTH, Minn.-Two organizations have hit a milestone in their efforts to end veteran homelessness in the northeast region of Minnesota.

The Minnesota assistance council for veterans (MAC–V) and the Northeast Continuum of Care (CoC) is celebrating the accomplishment of finding housing for all the veterans on their wait list in the northeast region of Minnesota.

It is estimated that each year about four thousand veterans in Minnesota will experience homelessness or deal with a crisis that could potentially lead to homelessness.

The organizations are declaring six counties surrounding St. Louis county, including Carlton and Cook, are clear of homeless veterans.

The Northeast CoC is the fourth region in Minnesota to make this declaration.

The Co– Coordinator says they are happy to be able to reach such a goal.

“This is a huge accomplishment for an area that doesn’t have a lot of resources to band together, to use every resource we can to collaborate as partners.”

St. Louis County is not a part of this accomplishment since it has its own CoC division due to a higher population.

All organizations are continuing to work together to clear the wait list in St. Louis county as well.

The organizations also say that even though this is a great accomplishment it doesn’t mean there will never be a homeless veteran in these areas.

If you know of a homeless veteran in need of help, you’re asked to call the veterans hotline at 1–888–546–5838.

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