Parishioners Celebrate At St. Paul Church On Christmas Day

Celebrating the spirit of Christmas


DULUTH, Minn.- A service was heldĀ  at St. Paul Episcopal Church on Superior Street in Duluth to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

St. Paul’s church is a diverse community made up of people of all ages and in different stages of life.

One thing in common with all is the chance to celebrate Christmas with one another.

Singing fills the chapel as a small group of parishioners worship during a Christmas day service.

All cherishing the moment of joy through music as the processional leads to the pulpit.

Music is the motivation for many to spend their Christmas morning at St. Paul Church.

“I think the thing I enjoy most about Christmas is the music. There’s just wonderful music and we go home with the feeling of joy in our hearts.”

The morning service was also a time for everyone to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Honored to lead the morning service, the Assisting Reverend spread the message of love to those remembering the importance of the holiday.

She appreciates the value of seeing her fellow parishioners, not just for Christmas but all throughout the year.

“That’s important not only at Christmas, that’s important every time we are here together.”

Every year the amount of parishioners on Christmas day changes, but St. Paul accepts all and will continue to spread joy on the holiday.

St. Paul Episcopal Church is located at 1710 E Superior Street.

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