Candlelight Vigil Honors Memory of Shooting Victim

Victim Shot in Gary New Duluth

DULUTH, Minn.-  Over two weeks have past since 35–year–old Kevin Weiss was shot outside a home in Gary-New Duluth.

On Saturday night, the community turned out to honor Kevin with a candlelight vigil.

After losing one of their own, the community as well as friends and family of Kevin John Weiss came out to celebrate his life, and bring awareness to the violence that took it.

“When I die, Hallelujah bye and bye. Fly away.”

The candles flicker along with a song of grief, held earnestly by dozens of people, as they remember a member of their community, lost.

Kevin Weiss’s family says that this vigil took on a life of its own, a beacon of light amid this time of immense darkness.

“The grief has been compounded by the gun violence incident,” said Kevin’s sister, Wendy Waha. “Y’know, losing someone that way, it’s, it just feels tragic, and so unnecessary.”

“I’m sure he’s here with us, absolutely. Kevin was a peace–loving soul. So I really feel strongly that he would want us to do this.”

Kevin’s life was taken during a confrontation with Brian Ross Shaw of Hibbing.

Shaw claims his shotgun went off accidentally after Weiss pushed him down, but the medical examiner’s report shows the shots aiming downward, inconsistent with Shaw’s retelling of events.

That, along with texts from Shaw’s phone threatening Weiss, led police to charge him with 2nd degree manslaughter.

Waha stressed that this vigil was strictly anti-gun violence.

She said many members of her family own guns, are hunters, or have served in the military, so they support the second amendment.

What they don’t support, is someone using a gun in a violent way.

After the vigil at the pavilion, the group walked to Harrison Community Center, where they joined together to share memories they had with Weiss.

The rally could have been against guns, or against the shooter. The support probably would have been just as immense.

But Kevin’s family said they wanted to honor Kevin’s memory by raising awareness of gun violence.

That, they say, is the bigger problem taking lives like Kevin’s, everyday, nationwide.


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