Early Morning Break-In at Iron Mug Coffeehouse

Burglar Stole a Few Items from Mike Letica's Restaurant

DULUTH, Minn.- Mike Letica, owner of the Iron Mug, awoke to a startling call at 2am.

His restaurant had been broken into, the side door glass smashed to pieces.

Initially, both Letica and the police found nothing stolen.

He posted his unfortunate morning on Facebook, and got over 500 shares by midday.

The outpouring of support even led some to contribute their own security footage, all of which Letica was feeding to the police.

“It makes the pain of this almost go away,” Letica said.  “Because I’ve been cleaning the glass today and a couple of different people came up and hugged me, and a couple of people are saying they’re sorry this has happened to me, and the community is really supportive.”

Later, as Letica checked his own security footage, he found that the burglar stole some items out of the pop cooler, and others in the vicinity of the checkout area.

Luckily for him, nothing else was taken or damaged.

If you have any leads on the perpetrator, either send them to the Duluth Police Department, or to Letica, who will in turn transfer it to them.

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