Northern Star: Brandon Myer

For this week's segment, we talk with the UMD junior forward who takes his preparation very seriously.

DULUTH, Minn. – In the middle of the Northland’s first winter storm of the season, Brandon Myer is still at practice one hour early.

“Like all the greats that play in the NBA, they say confidence comes with preparation. If you out-prepare the people you play against, then you’re more likely to do better,” said Myer.

Myer says it’s just a routine that has become part of how he gets ready for games.

“I call it “practicing for practice”. So I’ll take a lot of game shots or shots that I’ll take in practice because practice is when you get ready for the game. But I like to be ready for practice,” Myer said.

“This place is open at about 6 a.m. so Coach Casey [Bruggeman] and Coach Tanner [Kretchman] are here a little bit earlier than I am. He’s probably in here more than I know, which is great. Those are the kind of guys we’re looking for in our program,” head coach Justin Wieck said.

“I think that if I didn’t put in as much time as I did, I wouldn’t feel as comfortable really giving my all out there. But it’s also how I was raised by my mom and dad. They did a good job of getting me to be a competitor,” said Myer.

And Myer knows he’s got to play his best every night, especially when his parents are in the stands.

“Sometimes I’m on the court and I might be slacking or being lazy out there. I hear my mom just scream, “Myer!” That’s all I need to hear. Then I’m like I’m not playing well. I got to get back to it,” Myer said.

The Superior native says he still stays in contact with his high school coaches and always finds time to help them with camps, or just stopping by for an open gym.

“Coming from Superior where it’s Northern Wisconsin so it’s not a huge basketball place. It’s important to me that they get the help they need so if they ever ask for me, I try to be there for them,” said Myer.

Myer is building off a breakout sophomore campaign last season. This year, he’s averaging just under 20 points per game, which is eighth in the NSIC. But he leads the conference in rebounding with nearly ten per game. All of this as a junior, who is hungry as the UMD seniors to continue their early success into the second half of the season.

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