Using Yoga to Reflect on the Past Year

Yoga North Helping Northlanders Meditate

DULUTH, Minn.- We all have our rituals to celebrate the fresh New Year.

But how many of us take steps to reflect on the year that past?

At Yoga North, they say this is another key part to having a successful year, that many overlook.

Reflection is not something many of us consider day to day, but according to the yoga experts it can have a dramatic impact on your outlook on life, to make the conscious transition from year to year.

Many may think of yoga as bending your body into impossible poses, or something regulated to nomads wandering the jungles of India.

But at this session, the poses were all doable.

The yogis–all Northlanders like us, trying to pause and look back on all they’ve done this year.

“When things happened over time that are either, that are negative experiences, they can either stay embedded in our mind, or we can actually get some learning from them,” said Teri Sanders, Yoga Therapist.

“In our society, y’know, we’re so set on going 110%, full speed ahead all the time, before stopping to really appreciate what we’ve done and accomplished.”

The class included some gentle movement, guided relaxation, and meditation, giving everyone a small, personal ceremony to usher out the old, and create space for the new.

If you’re not able to make it to a yoga studio, there are still steps you can take to allow yourself that valuable reflection time.

Sanders said it’s important to set aside 5 minutes everyday, turning off music and lights, and maybe recite a prayer or poem you find uplifting, to create a calming atmosphere.

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