MnDOT Says Prepare for Dangerous Roads

Extreme Cold Will Freeze, Making Driving Treacherous for New Years Eve

DULUTH, Minn.- On top of not driving under the influence, the freezing temperatures on the way spell double trouble for drivers late tonight.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has had their hands full with the new snow already, and officials said the extreme cold will make their job even harder.

“The chemicals don’t work as well when it’s this cold, so motorists need to be extremely careful for slippery conditions,” said Beth Petrowske, Public Affairs Officer. “We’re doing everything we can to protect motorists, but it is a situation where we all have to be responsible.”

“Our drivers are out there trying to make the road safe, we ask that motorists also do their part.”

Their part means maintaining a safe distance behind plows, as they are 17 times heavier than a car, making a collision fatal.

Which has already occurred in Michigan yesterday, where Petrowske said a driver drove straight into the back of a plow, killing them.

MnDOT also asks motorists to watch out for glazing.

This occurs when wind blows snow across the highways, making it icy and hard to see.

Petrowske also said that when out celebrating, have your rides planned ahead of time, better to be safe than sorry.

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