Kick 2019 Into High Gear at Swift Martial Arts Leadership

Boot Camp Helps People Set Fitness Goals for New Year

DULUTH, Minn.-Health and fitness are among the top of the list of resolutions almost every year.

One Northland business is helping you kick that up a notch.

For many, the moves of martial arts may seem impossible, or something only Bruce Lee can do.

But Swift’s Leadership Martial Arts on Grand Avenue shows that Tae Kwon Do can help you assess your physicality, and help get your 2019 kicked into high gear.

“The hard “SMACK” of limb hitting pad echo throughout the small studio.

“I’ve actually been teaching for almost 30 years, and I’ve had this going almost that entire time,” said Owner and Chief Instructor, Jessa Swift. “It’s kind of a tradition.”

For 3 decades, Swift has been helping Northlanders punch their way into the new year, setting fitness goals and trying something new.

“I think people think, they see at the beginning of the new year a chance to improve something about themselves, and they want to see the next year be a better version of themselves.”

Every January 1st she holds her New Year Boot Camp.

She also teaches children, and she says the art can help them in and out of the class.

“Compared to their peers, kids have a lot more respect, they have better focus in school, they usually have a better attitude,” she said.

Does it work?

According to this mother, her son definitely has gained a lot from Swift’s mentorship.

“Ms Swift is fantastic, she’s a really fantastic instructor,” said Jennifer McCleary, who’s son just earned an orange belt.

“And I think my son really likes her and responds really well to her. She’s incredibly patient with kids and I just can’t say enough good things about the class that he’s in.”

And now, she’s giving it a try.

As the boot camp goes on, the exhaustion shows on her face.

But so does the fun.

She plans to run Grandma’s Marathon this summer,and by the looks of her punching and slamming, this might work its way into the training.

“I had….a time. But I’d like to get a better time this time,” McCleary said.

“I did it with a couple of friends and it was really, really fun. But now I’d like to do it to actually do good with it.”

Visualizing those goals is exactly what Swift Hopes people get out of this.

“I really hope they get a good workout, that they feel good about themselves when they leave,” Swift said.

For the Boot Camp this year, she has only one student.

But she hopes to expand the class, getting more families to exercise together, and have a great time.

“I always say that families that kick together, stay together.”


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