Duluth Public Library Delivers Books to People Physically Unable to Visit

Home Library Service gives options to limited mobility readers

Every year the Duluth Public Library gets over four hundred thousand visits from Duluth residents but for some who enjoy reading, it may not be an option to go in to the library and check out books.

The home library service provided by the Duluth Public Library is connecting the community through books.

The service is dedicated to residents who are no longer mobile, but still enjoys reading.

On a monthly basis, patrons request from a variety of library materials that they prefer.

More than twenty volunteers devote their time to different tasks that help make this special service a success.

Prepared and ready to go, books are picked up by a volunteer, who is given a designated route full of home readers.

Park Point resident Ann, who is an avid reader says it is a service that she relies on.

“Transportation is a problem for me to get to the library, so this is a program that fills a need for people like myself that don’t get out and about much” said Ann.

Anticipating the arrival of her books she also enjoys the companionship of the volunteers.

Knowing the importance of this service the volunteers are happy to spend time with the home readers.

Overall, the library is dedicated to continue to help the community through this home service.

Click here if you or someone you know is interested in the home library service.

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