President Trump New Year’s Sculpture Decapitated

Sculpture is Located on Private Residence on 21st Avenue in Duluth


A Duluth man who has dabbled in politics in the past is getting a lot of attention this week for his latest snow sculpture, which was vandalized days after its unveiling.

Harry Welty, a former member of the Duluth School Board and a man who has run for Congress three times typically makes a snow sculpture each year.  Some are political, others are just for fun.

This week he created a 2019 New Year’s Baby, in the likeness of President Donald Trump. The sculpture is outside of his home on 21st Avenue in Duluth. It appears a vandal kicked the head off of the sculpture sometime in the daylight hours Wednesday.

Welty said even though the sculpture took him 20 hours to create, it doesn’t bother or surprise him that someone vandalized it.

“I’m having a grand old time,” said Welty.” I think this is marvelous. I never thought I’d give the president a craniotomy.”

It’s his ‘easy-on-his-back’ method to repair his version of President Trump. The snow-packed head weighs more than 100 pounds.

“I’m an old republican, I’m disappointed with how my party has turned out,” said Welty. “It’s a complicated year with impeachment, Russia involvement. So it seems the most effective way to deal with it tyranny is ridicule. That’s the one thing that makes them vulnerable.”

The message gets plenty of honks, even some visitors. Pictures taken before and after the vandalism have gone viral on Facebook.  Some people on facebook support the sculpture, others say it’s “deplorable,” “immature,” and “disrespectful.”

Welty says he’s surprised the sculpture lasted as long as it did.

“It almost lasted 10 hours before someone knocked his head off,” said Welty.

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