End of An Era: Marcia Hales Switches Off Lights After 20 Years

Final Night Sends Off 20 Year Legacy

DULUTH, Minn.- It’s been over 10 days since Christmas, but the holidays haven’t left Park Point thanks to Marcia Hales’s light show.

Until Saturday night, when she lit up Park Point for the last time.

After over 20 years of bringing holiday cheer to generations, Hales said it has simply become too much.

While she’s been approached by many who wish to continue the light show, she’s hesitant, saying she doesn’t think they realize that it’s a 24/7 job.

While eagerly being fed food and cider by Marcia, those at the lights reminisced about their proposals, weddings, honeymoons, and children’s’ firsts.

Some who started their married life there come back each year, eventually coming back with strollers full of new kids.

Others have unique memories under the lights, such as giving foreign exchange students their first taste of marshmallows.

Yet all the memories are illuminated by the lights, and heart, of Marcia Hales.

“Thank you so much for all the years,” she said, through tears.

“I love every one of them, and I hope that they can carry the memories they have of the lights with them forever.”

As she cries, and hugs, and cries some more, one thing is certain on this bittersweet night.

No one here will forget this bright twinkling yard, and being taken care of by what many call such a bright, twinkling soul.

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