Douglas County Anticipates Big Anniversaries in 2019

Northland Uncovered: The Douglas County Historical Society is preparing for the big anniversaries coming in 2019.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Douglas County Historical Society is busy at work preparing for 2019 in honor of its big anniversaries.

“It’s important to look at what we did in the past to maybe not make some mistakes in the future,” DCHS business manager Jon Winter said.

In 2019, the city of Superior will have plenty to look back on. 3 major anniversaries including 100 years since prohibition was ratified in Wisconsin and Minnesota, 100 years since building the Douglas county courthouse and 70 years since the Lakehead pipeline was laid.

The first in the year being the anniversary of prohibition beginning to take effect. December marked 85 years since prohibition, or the nationwide ban on the productions, importation, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages, was overturned.

But on January 17, it will be 100 year’s since the Volstead Act in Wisconsin, leading to 13 years of secret acts of alcohol production and sale.

“A lot of people when prohibition was coming about, they were in favor of the prohibition of hard liquor but not so much beer and wine, so it kind of came as a shock to the nation when beer and wine were included,” Winter said. “There was definitely a lot of speakeasies and bootleg liquor going through superior.”

Following prohibition, another anniversary for Superior will be the building of the current Douglas county courthouse. The original courthouse held its spot in what is now considered the East end of Superior, but the original structure didn’t cover all city limits.

In 1915, the state legislature granted an expansion where the courthouse could be placed in Douglas county to include all the city limits. In November’s 1916 general election, the move was passed by a strong vote.

Another anniversary, what was once Lakehead pipeline is now Enbridge, a major employer of Superior residents.

Lakehead’s office was opened up in 1949 and the first crude oil came in 1950.

That pipeline led to the placement of the Husky refinery, a key player among U.S. refineries.

“It’s important to look back at the history and wondering, every time you walk in the courthouse, who built this? Why is this here? Why is this located where it is?” Winter said.

The Douglas County Historical Society will have exhibits on display for all of the major anniversaries throughout 2019.

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