Homeowners Should do Research before Hiring an Ice Dam Removal Company

Low steam pressure is the best practice.



DULUTH, Minn.- During this time of year there are many companies that advertise their service to get homeowners to work with them on their ice dam problems, but you need to be careful when picking someone for the job.

An ice dam is a block of ice that forms on the roof of a home.

It builds up over time as temperatures fluctuate and causes the melted ice to refreeze.

When hiring a professional one thing to look for is the use of proper equipment.

The use of low pressure steam is a recommended removal process to ensure there is no damage while the job is being done.

“The process to remove an ice dam correctly again is with low pressure, high temperature steam,”said Jesse Lofgren, owner of Absolutely Clean Window Washing. “You’re looking for a machine that runs at about 100 PSI and about 275–300 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Absolutely Clean Window Washing is based out of the Twin Cities, but the company does a lot of ice dam repairs in the Northland. They recommend home owners watch out for businesses that use hot water pressure to remove the ice.

It could leave major damage to a roof because it is harder to check how hot the water pressure becomes.

The owner says his company stands out among the rest because of his certification with the Ice Dam Steaming Association.

“We are a member of IDSAFE which is the Ice Dam Steaming Association for Education. To become a member of that association you must have purchased the right equipment and been through some training,” said Jesse Lofgren.

Absolutely Clean Window Washing does not suggest homeowners remove the ice on their own. It is best to leave it to the professionals.

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