Superior Reminds Property Owners of City Code to Remove Snow and Ice from Sidewalks

It's the law to make sidewalks safe for pedestrians.


SUPERIOR, Wis.- The city of Superior wants to make the city safe for everyone this winter.

They are reminding property owners to be responsible and clear sidewalks following a snowfall.

Shoveling your sidewalks is the neighborly thing to do for the safety of pedestrians, but in the city of Superior it is also the law.

According to the city code commercial or residential property owners are responsible to clear snow and ice from public sidewalks along their property.

A path between 30 to 40 inches wide is required, wide enough for a wheel chair to have access.

The goal is to make easy access for pedestrians and children.

The city is now focusing mainly on enforcing snow removal but fluctuating temperatures have left an uncommon amount of ice buildup this winter too.

A doctor at St. Luke’s says ice is the most common reason why pedestrians go in to the ER with injuries during the winter which makes clearing both snow and ice so important.

It’s not unusual for us to have an impressive number of patients after these recent ice storms, freeze thaw type of activity and it’s not unusual for us to see about five to seven people with a broken wrist in a day.”

Property owners will be charged a $75  fee plus the cost of the removal done by the city, if snow is not removed within 48 hours after a snowfall.

Click here to learn more about the city code.

For more questions and concerns about the snow removal rules, reach out to the City of Superior Code Compliance office at 715-395-7596.


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