Duluth Police Could Receive a Pay Raise Following Approval From City Council

A 3% increase expected for officers.


DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth Police officers could receive a pay raise if the city council approves a proposed contract on Monday.

The agreement calls for a three percent increase in annual wage for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Starting salaries for rookies will also increase by $3,500.

Department leaders say they have been unable to fill vacancies with suitable recruits for the first time in fifteen years.

Currently the department is five rookies short of reaching a sufficient staff level.

After working for a year without a contract, the President of the Duluth Police Union believes this is just the beginning of resolving issues regarding compensation.

“Overall it’s a good contract. It gets the ball rolling in the direction we want to go as far as our pay disparity compared to other agencies across the state,” said Duluth Police Union President Sgt. Ryan Morris

Sergeant Morris also believes the difference in pay is due to frozen or barely increased wages over the years.

Again, the proposed contract is expected to go in front of the city council on Monday.

If approved the pay increase would go in to effect immediately.

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