Improve Balance & Reduce Falls With Tai Ji Quan Class

New Balance & Coordination Class Starts Next Week In Duluth, All Experience Levels Welcome

DULUTH, Minn. – With the icy conditions in place this time of year, the thought of falling can be serious. Especially the older you get and the less balance coordination you may have. One class starting next week helps improve your balance through martial arts movements. It’s called Tai Ji Quan.

“It helps improve balance, coordination, strengthens lower extremities and it’s also really great for a lot of deep breathing so it’s great for relaxation too.” explained Instructor Jessica Karpinske. “It can also help your mobility and reach as well. Plus, it’s an easy workout, you don’t have to be experienced to sign up.”

Classes begin Friday 11th and Wednesday the 16th and will be held from 10-11am at Trinity Lutheran Church.

Call Jessica at 218-260-1023 to sign up or email her at

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