Iron Mug Works With Duluth Dodge To Help Federal Workers

Raise Funds for Those Affected by Shutdown

DULUTH, Minn.-Iron Mug owner Mike Letica is teaming up with Duluth Dodge, to give back to federal workers not being paid during the shutdown.

10% of Iron Mug sales are going to donations, and at Duluth Dodge they’ll donate $50 for every car or truck sold.

Letica said he was inspired after hearing the story of one particular TSA worker.

“A 19 year–old male who has a family, including twins, and he’s struggling and he can’t go to another job,” said Letica. “He can’t even work doing this ’cause he as to show up for work with the TSA. So he’s really struggling, and then I felt bad about that.”

Steve Yagoda, a sales manager at Duluth Dodge, believes it’s an obligation to help out his fellow Northlanders.

“We’re all the same family, man. Everybody’s involved and if they’re struggling we’d like to help out.”

Now Letica says his fundraising has hit a roadblock.

According to the TSA, federal workers cannot accept donations from anyone other than fellow employees, to avoid any accusations of favoritism.

Letica says he will figure out a way to give back to the workers, or he will look to help local businesses who cater mostly to federal workers, and are therefore struggling.

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