Alleged Closs Murderer and Kidnapper Appears in Court

Criminal Complaint Released by Barron County

BARRON, Wis.- The man accused of kidnapping 13-year-old Jayme Closs for 88 days and killing her parents could be sentenced to life in prison.

He’s facing four serious charges including two counts of first degree homicide, and one count of kidnapping, and armed burglary.

The press conference on Monday was vastly different than the one held last Friday when Closs escaped.

Those were filled with relief and joy for finding Jayme.

But on Monday, the attitude shifted.

All focus was on 21-year-old Jake Patterson, and what’s next in his criminal case.

“Today we start the legal process,” said Barron County District Attorney, Brian Wright.

It’s the first time Patterson appeared in court, there through video conference, only answering a handful of questions.

“Mr. Patterson, is your name, address and date of birth correct on the criminal complaint?”asked the Judge.

“Yes sir,” replied Patterson. His answers not expanding much more.

He faced a judge accused in the homicides of James and Denise Closs, and the kidnapping of the daughter they left behind, Jayme.

“Jayme deserves enormous credit as a 13-year-old, she has such bravery to have done what she had done,” Wright said, at a press conference after Patterson’s hearing.

According to the criminal complaint, Patterson admitted he killed Jayme’s parents, and abducted her as part of a highly calculated and premeditated plan.

Patterson told investigators he decided to take Jayme simply after seeing her get on a school bus, and didn’t even know her name until later.

He admits in the complaint that he had drove to the Closs home twice prior to that fateful October 15th, with the intent to kidnap Jayme.

On that Monday the 15th, Police say he admitted to shooting her parents in the head, because “he knew that head shots were the best way to kill a person.”

He then taped Jayme’s hands and feet and forced her into the trunk of his car.

Then he drove her to his cabin in Gordon, where she was forced underneath his bed, for 88 days.

According to the complaint Patterson barricaded Closs’s only opening with Plastic Totes and weights; if they moved, he’d know she had tried to run out.

At times, she was kept there for over 12 hours, without any food, water, or bathroom breaks.

After Patterson left the house, Closs escaped last week.

She wore an oversized pair of Patterson’s shoes, the left shoe on the right foot, and the right shoe on the left.

“She’s 13-years-old and if you read the criminal complaint, you can see the amount of control that he was exerting over her and at some point she found it within herself at 13 years old to say: I’m going to get out of this situation,” said Wright. “I think it’s incredible.”

Patterson’s bail is set at $5,000,000.

Although, since he was arrested in Gordon, charges could be filed by Douglas County.

“My office is still in the process of reviewing the reports on the case to determine whether or not there are any additional charges to be filed in Douglas County,” said Douglas County District Attorney, Mark Freuhaff.

“There is the potential for additional charges in Douglas County, for crimes that occurred in Douglas County.”

The complaint says, when Patterson was pulled over shortly after Jayme’s escape, he got out of the car and stated: I know what this is about, “I did it.”

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