SunSpot Sisters Striving to Help Keep Northlanders Healthy this Winter

A List of Locations for The SunSpot Bus is Located Weekly on Their Facebook Page

DULUTH, Minn. – Katherine and Sue York are out to help community members fight the winter blues.

The SOL Sisters are often seen driving their big red bus around the Northland to help Northlanders dealing with depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder and much more.

Studies say that 71 percent of people in the Northland suffer from vitamin D deficiency during the grey winter months, and 6 percent suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The SunSpot offers light therapy, nutrient rich snacks, and a sense of community, to help battle the winter blues.

“These lights here offer you a full spectrum, light that offers you access to make Vitamin D out of your own skin cells,” said Sue York, Co-Owner of The Sun Spot.

The rates are affordable at $5 dollars for a 30 minute session, and $90 dollars for a monthly subscription.

A list of locations to find The SunSpot bus can be found weekly on the sister’s Facebook page.

Click here for more information.

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