Facebook Page Helps Reunite Lost Animals with Owners

Missing Pets in the Northland Currently has More Than 8,000 Followers on Facebook

DULUTH, Minn. – According to the American Humane Association, more than ten million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the United States every year.

One in three pets will become lost at some point during their life.

Now with the help of social media and dedicated volunteers, one group in the Northland is looking to make a difference one post at a time.

“There are so many I don’t know which one to talk about,” said Jodi Carlson, Page Administrator for Missing Pets in the Northland. “We get desperate pleas for help all the time.”

Carlson says the key to a happy ending seems to start with communication.

Carlson and a few friends realized there wasn’t really a place for residents in the Northland to post about missing pets.

“And also educate the community about how to go after a lost dog, where to call and what to do,” said Carlson.

The Facebook page “Missing Pets in the Northland” now has more than 8,000 followers.

“We’ve had cats; we’ve had bunnies and even turtles,” said Carlson.

The idea to develop a way of locating missing animals via social media stemmed from everyday endeavors.

“We had a lost beagle in Cloquet. She was running all around the city and the only place I could post was on online rummage sale sites,” said Carlson.

Carlson says the only other option for people to turn to in the region used to be “Lost Dogs of Minnesota.” While the page serves a purpose, she says it’s not as open ended as Missing Pets in the Northland.

“There are so many animal lovers out there, they want to help,” said Carlson.

After being active for more than two years, the page has helped bring more than 100 animals back into the arms of their owners.

Carlson and her team suggests first reporting your lost animal to local authorities especially if it’s late at night.

“You just call and you say this is a non-emergency and tell them your pet is missing. There are a lot of good Samaritans out there and they don’t know what to do when they’ve found a pet,” said Carlson.

A simple call to Animal Allies Humane Society or your local city shelter is also on the top of the to-do list.

“The biggest thing that we advocate for is getting anything and everything microchipped,” said Carlson.

Preventative action that can make a difference when it comes to locating your missing pet in the Northland.

“It’s a great feeling, there are so many stories I could tell you about the lost pets we’ve reunited,” said Carlson.

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