Northern Star: Caitlin Breen and Victoria Thorson

For this week's segment, we feature two Duluth Marshall girls hockey players whose chemistry on the ice goes far beyond the Northland.

DULUTH, Minn. – After birth, Caitlin Breen and Victoria Thorson were both in the same orphanage in Bogota, Colombia, but never met each other. Breen was adopted at two months old and her family moved throughout the US while Thorson was adopted at three months old and came straight to Duluth.

When Breen’s family made the move to Duluth and the two met, it was an instant friendship.

“Well, my dad got the job at Marshall and someone told him about the Thorson family and he told me, oh there’s another Colombian girl. Like she’s the exact same height as you, she plays the same sport as you, she even has number six, the same number as you. Coming from a place that didn’t have any Colombians near me, it was an incredible thing to have and know about, and when I finally met her it was an instant connection,” Breen said of when she first met Thorson.

“I felt like it was almost we were meant to be friends. Out of anywhere in the world, we started in Colombia, we both came all the way here to Duluth, Minnesota and play for Marshall, it’s honestly amazing,” Thorson said.

The two also play soccer for the Hilltoppers, where they helped lead the team to the program’s first ever state tournament appearance in the fall. They’re hoping to do the same thing for the hockey team now that they play on the line together

“This is the first year that we’ve been line mates and we’ve always felt that click but this year we finally got to try it out and it’s been really well. She’s a really smart player, she knows where I’m going to be and I know where she’s going to be so it’s been a really good experience, really fun and just being friends and sisters and being on a line is super cool,” Breen said.

The girls have each other and both have other siblings adopted from Colombia as well. While the two have made Duluth their home, their families have made a point to let them go back to their native country and bring that culture to Minnesota.

“In my family, it’s all Colombia. Like, my dad always wants to make the best Colombian dishes for me and my family. I’d say he’s pretty good, he’s pretty good for a Boston guy,” Breen said of her family.

“Actually, we met [my brother] Thomas’ birth family over the summer and that was definitely life changing for all of us and it showed how much my parents cared to search for them and going back there, just shows just as much as that does how much they care and they’re not afraid of us loving that country, too,” Thorson said of her family.

They have even been able to take trips back to Colombia and see how different things are, especially with the sport that they love.

“We got to Mexico and we played for the Colombia National Team and actually they don’t play on ice in Colombia, so I got the chance to go back there and see what it’s like for them and they play roller hockey. And it was just the craziest experience. Going from ice to roller skates, you’d think, oh that’s easy, but it’s really not, it’s crazy,” Breen said.

The two have grown into a dynamic duo for the Hilltoppers and are looking forward to what’s to come.

“It’s super rare that you have someone that you’re connected with since birth and then you just miraculously come here, so just to finish off my senior year with her and hopefully being on a line with her will be the ultimate thing. So I’m just excited to finish my seasons with her and have that experience with her because she’s like my family,” Breen said of Thorson.

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