Great Outdoors: Breathe Warmer With Lungplus

The Arctic Cold Blast Returns, Here's Some Useful Ways To Stay Warmer

DULUTH, Minn. — As the brutal cold temperatures return with a vengeance, ways to stay warm are important and crucial. Fox 21’s Brittney Merlot introduces us to the LUNG PLUS.

“It’s a mouth worn, re-heater and humidifier.” explains the distributor of Lungplus, Eve Graves.

It’s held by small flaps that you place in front of your teeth.  As you breathe through it, the cold incoming air is converted into warm and humid air. This ultimately warms your throat, lungs and entire body.

Conditions such as asthma, cold urticaria, COPD and more use this device for relief. It’s also used for the common cold, dry cough and throat pain.

Outdoor enthusiasts and athletes take advantage of it too, so they can stay outside longer and stay warmer training through the Northland winters.

“It reheats the air, so it feels like summer air!” said Graves. “Your glasses stay fog free, your face stays dry and it’s just this amazing little thing that somebody invented and I brought it to the U.S.”

It’s best when used cross country skiing, biking and snowshoeing.  “I use it shoveling, walking the dog and it becomes like a pacifier.” explained Graves.

It is NOT recommended for downhill skiing, snowboarding, hockey and snowmobiling.

“It’s quick and easy to clean too” said Graves, “Just rinse it in hot water after you use it or throw it in the dishwasher. And they last forever!”

You can read testimonials about Lungplus by heading to

You can purchase your very own today by clicking this link HERE.

Graves said “It is actually deductible as a medical device on taxes too.”

Breath easier and stay warm this winter!


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