Nerds Take Over Teatro Zuccone

Monthly Nerd Ted Talks

DULUTH, Minn.- Some Nerds of the Northland (as they proudly call themselves) gathered at Zeitgeist Teatro Zuccone.

Nerd Nite Duluth is a theater-based production of so-called “geeky” presentations, games, and laughter.

Think of it like a Nerd Ted Talk, according to organizers.

For Tuesday’s Nerd Nite, young people took the stage, presenting for 15 minutes or less.

The “Nerd Nite Youth Takeover,” topics included Riddles, a History and Demonstration of Magic, and A Tour into the T.V. Show: Over the Garden Wall.

“Get to hear things that the young people are excited about and how that is a space for them,” said co-host Luke Sharman. “It allows us to broaden our experiences at Nerd Nite as well.”

“Really be a great place to invite young people up to the stage to share things with their community.”

Presentations will happen again towards the end of March.

Just look up “Nerd Nite Duluth” on Facebook for more information.

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