Two Harbors High School Finding the Kind in the Northland

#FindtheKind Challenge Goes Viral

TWO HARBORS, Minn.- You’ve heard of the ice bucket challenge, and the mannequin challenge, and now: Find the Kindness Challenge.

Students at Two Harbors High School are all about it, and this week they’re being recognized for it in a big way.

Last year these students hosted a civility summit to combat what they called the disrespectful atmosphere in their school.

This year, to continue talks of civility, they started this social media challenge to raise money for the National Civility Association, and keep making discourse kinder.

“Everybody’s a nice person, so, say, ‘oh what’s something kind you’ve done today?’ You can’t really think of that all the time. So this kinda highlights it,” said Junior Karsen Holm.

How do you make good deeds go viral?

You start with a simple goal.

“We decided as a group we wanted to find a way to improve mental health,” Holm said. “So then we thought and we looked through statistics and found kindness improved mental health exponentially.”

The challenge is social media based.

After performing a random act of kindness, you video yourself wearing fun glasses, describe how it made you feel, and challenge three others to do something kind.

Then you post the video, with #FindtheKind.

“It’s just really important to be kind to everyone everyday because you don’t really know what other people are going through,” said Sidni Hendren, a Sophomore. “And I think that the small things matter just as much as the big things.”

First every high school in the Northland adopted the challenge, then it was seen across the U.S., then in 29 other countries.

Now, Governor Tim Walz invited them to the capitol Friday, where they’ll be doing the kindness challenge and promoting it to Minnesota.

Before traveling to the Twin Cities, they are collecting blankets, hats, and mittens to distribute to the homeless.

On top of visiting the Governor, the Minnesota Twins are hosting them at Twin Fest. The club will have their own #FindtheKind booth.

“It feels great,” said Sophomore Sarah Archer.  “It’s awesome to know that all our hard work is being paid off.”

But the best feeling, is seeing the change they’re creating in their own school, and community.

“It’s really cool seeing a little bit of a change in atmosphere in our school and other businesses help each other out.

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