Veterinarian Tips on Keeping Pets Warm

Cold Snap upcoming, don't forget about those furry friends of yours

DULUTH, MN- When it gets this cold outside, making sure your four-legged friends are warm is just as important as keeping yourself warm.

Veterinarian Dr. Kay Boucher says that “with the cold temperatures, if you are not comfortable, they are not going to be comfortable”.

For cats, they should not be going outside at all during the Winter months in case they get themselves into an unsafe situation. Boucher also stated “to make the cats mad for just a few days” while this cold snap is hovering over the Duluth area.

As for dogs, protection is key and it wouldn’t hurt to get them a coat or boots. If you do end up taking your dog for a walk, watch out for where they are stepping.

Boucher states that if your furry friend gets salt on their paws, to “take a damp towel or bucket of water and rinse and dry them off”.

With Wind Chills expected to be around fifty-five below zero the upcoming days, keeping an eye on your pets will be extra important.