Tips To Keep Your Home Safe In Extreme Cold

Furnace Failure & Bursting Pipes Becomes An Issue In Extended Cold Snap

TWIN PORTS — The cold effects not only how we feel but also how we live. Here are some tips to keep you and your home safe and warm.

“Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!” said Service Tech Gartner Refrigeration Company Dave Duffy. “Have it checked on a regular basis to try and catch a potential problem before it becomes a problem.”

“From belts to flame sensors, igniters and electrical points.” Duffy says, “Things kind of have a way of in the worst weather is when things seem to go haywire!”

With many older homes in the Northland, insulation could be thin and copper pipes freeze faster than galvanized pipes. Being aware of the signs of freezing pipes before they burst, is important.

“Pipes can start to have a little whining, moaning, creaking and your water flow slowing down and water being ice cold as you start it, you’re right on the edge you know.” said Marshall Hardware Pro, AJ Marshall.

Air is the best insulation to prevent your pipes from bursting.

*Turn the heat up in your house a little higher than normal during extreme cold conditions.

*Open cabinet doors to let the heat in and allow circulation around plumbing.

*Point a space heater at the pipes.

*Run a slow drip from faucets.

*Heat Tape

“Anybody can have pipes freeze, it can happen to anybody. A furnace can go out, a door can get left open, a garage door, there are lots of things that can happen to have pipes freeze. It can be really bad or just little accidents. Once the pipes freeze it’s the slow and correct way of trying to get them to thaw without breaking anything.” explained Marshall.

Using a torch is not recommended because the extreme heat has been known to spread through the pipes, causing a fire within walls, where you ultimately can’t even see it at first.

Call a professional for help instead.

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