Beargrease Racers Sworn in as Official U.S. Postal Carriers

Baargrease continues the tradition of 'Trail Mail' for the annual marathon.

DULUTH, Minn.- In the spirit of tradition all racers in the 35th annual Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon were sworn in as official U.S. mail carriers before taking off.

Just like John Beargrease did over 100 years ago, mushers carry ‘trail mail,’ as it’s called, through the course to drop off at the post office at the end of the trail.

Postal workers say it’s encouraging to remember the outdoor conditions John Beargrease faced and pushed through to deliver the mail.

“It’s an honor. It’s basically telling our mail carriers that there’s so much history and you should be very proud of it. What he did, it is incredible,” Duluth postmaster Laurie Lundgren said.

Mail carriers say it’s honorable for Duluth to recognize what they face every day and hope to see this remain a tradition for many years to come.

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