Veterinarians On Hand During Beargrease Marathon

Veterinarians keep eyes on the sled dogs during marathon checkpoints.

DULUTH, Minn.- For those wondering about the safety of the sled dogs during the 35th annual Beargrease marathon, a veterinarian staff is on hand through the entirety of the race.

A team of 20 vets are assigned to different checkpoints mushers are required to stop at during the marathon. At each stop, dogs are checked for injuries, hydration levels, exhaustion and any other abnormalities the musher may have noticed while running.

“All of the mushers and their handlers do a great job of taking care of the dogs. They know all the intricate details and the veterinary staff really is just helping them make decisions,” vet team member Laurie Angell said.

Vets say that negative temperatures are actually better for the dogs to run in because of the way blood pumps through their body. If it were 30 degrees out, it may feel better to humans, but would not be safe for the dogs.

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