Lauralloons Creates The Biggest Balloon Art In The Northland

Creatice Balloons For Home Deliveries, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Parades & Festivals!

DULUTH, Minn. –Attention kiddos! Balloon art is getting bigger and more creative than what our parents had!

“It’s usually quite the cluster at first. All the kids are like balloons!” said owner of Lauralloons Balloon Art Laural Schultze.

With balloon art recently popping, “Especially with the internet and you can share so much easier. Before there were a few books published out there or you had to know another balloon twister to learn stuff from them.” Now there are conference, YouTube channel, DVD’s and more helping spark the creative ballooning ideas!

“Also balloon manufacturers are coming out with tons of new colors, shapes, sizes and so it’s not just the one. I thought you only got to use one balloon, the long skinny one you make dogs out of.” explained Schultze.

So how did it all start? Lauralloons started small, making little animals and has grown a lot since.

“I found the internet and I fell into this deep rabbit hole of YouTube and found this huge world of balloon art! I had no idea you could that much stuff with balloons and things like that! And it kind of all went from there.”

She can make anything your mind can imagine, from a small turtle to a life size princess. She has kids hooked and happy! “Once one kid gets an alien, then we get a bunch of aliens in a row.” said Schultze.

Building bursting fun balloons for all events like birthdays, weddings and even home deliveries.

“I’ll  bring a large center piece or a big balloon just for the birthday kid. This year I made a ton of unicorns, which is probably my most popular balloon. But the birthday kid always gets a pre-made really cool bigger unicorn. So everyone else at the party gets on too, but the birthday kid gets the big special balloon!” said Schultze.

She’s also found at fairs and festivals around the Northland. “There’s new linking balloons that I use a lot for my costumes in parades and bigger items like that, that have a tie point at each end so you can make a big string of them.” said Schultze. “Balloons are so much fun because they are so big, colorful and fast!”

Her favorite thing to make… “A big octopus, it uses a ton of big balloons and it has this motion life to it, a penguin is one of my favorites. But I can do basic dogs and stuff too, and super heroes.” said Schultze.

The best part, balloons bring out the joy in parents too!  “Making something for them too or just them seeing their kid get something that was made right in front of them, they are usually even more interested in seeing the process of it than the kid is. So that’s really neat. And just seeing people lit up, because balloons make everybody happy!”

You can contact her and book your event online by clicking HERE and messaging her on Facebook.

She is also at Texas Roadhouse in Duluth every other Monday for kids night.

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