Great Outdoors: Emergency Response Training

DULUTH, Minn.- Severe weather can strike at anytime. However, when it does, emergency responders need to be ready. Dozens of incident management experts are in Duluth this week getting some special training.

These teams truly are something special. Coming together in times of crisis to help those in need. One instance was back in 1998 when many of those folks responded to a devastating tornado that hit a Southern Minnesota Community.

Mike Aultman, Incident Commander for Minnesota Incident Management Team said that when he was down with the team in St. Peter a number of years ago, “we were having seven thousand volunteers that were showing up a day”.

But it’s not just tornadoes they prepare for. Firefighters, EMS Responders, and Emergency Managers are all here. Unfortunately, disaster happens at unexpected times, but when their number is called, working together is essential.

The classroom training they are receiving this week will be one of a kind from some of the best in the country. Todd Manley, Fire Training Coordinator at Minnesota Interagency Fire Center Forestry says that “when you train together in the classroom, then when you meet out in the field during an incident, you will work better together”.

Teamwork is also huge when it comes to getting the right information out to the public about a natural disaster. Making sure those people affected are safe, taking the right steps to get out, and getting back to their normal lives along with putting the rumors to bed about an event is a very important part of the job.

Leanne Langeberg who is the Public Information Officer for Minnesota Interagency Fire Center Forestry that “keeping in touch with dispatch at an incident gives me the exact knowledge of what we need to know”.

When lives are in danger, these are just some of the people tasked with making sure things go as smoothly as possible. And it’s hope this week’s training can make that process even smoother.

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