Zookeepers, Animals Working to Stay Warm During Arctic Blast

Staff at Lake Superior Zoo Taking Extra Precautions to Keep Animals Safe in Frigid Temperatures

DULUTH, Minn. – Dangerous cold weather doesn’t discriminate.

Even the staff and animals at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth are bundling up and finding creative ways to stay warm during the bitter arctic blast.

For Lana the Amur tiger, a heated space indoors is where she spends much of her time during below zero temperatures.

A heated rock also helps keep Lana warm in her outdoor enclosure.

Lana will be eating roughly 16 pounds of meat five days out of the week in the winter to pack on extra pounds.

Zookeepers also make sure to bundle up, wearing many layers and using hand warmers to stay toasty when checking up on the animals.

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