Court Records: Moose Lake Sex Offender Inmate Slashed Counselor’s Throat

George Mack, Jr. 42, Charged With Attempted Murder

MOOSE LAKE, Minn. – An inmate at the Moose Lake Sex Offender Program with past felony convictions of sexual assault and assault within that facility is charged with attempted premeditated murder after a counselor’s throat was slashed twice.

The suspect, George Mack, Jr., 42, is charged with attempted murder in the first degree, and fourth-degree assault within a secure treatment facility that caused bodily harm.

According to the criminal complaint, Zachary Campbell, a clinical supervisor for the Minnesota Sex Offender Program since 2012, was leading a large inmate community meeting in a circle in an open area of the facility on Jan. 29.

George Mack, Jr., 42

The suspect, Mack, who was not part of the meeting, is seen on surveillance footage walking behind the back of the circle before lunging behind Campbell who was sitting in a chair.  The complaint says Mack grabbed Campbell’s head with one hand while reaching around with his other hand to slash Campbell’s throat.

Campbell was able to lower his chin and jump out of the chair before other staff members took down Mack.  During that process, one of the staff members was punched several times in the head and ribs, according to the criminal complaint.

Campbell suffered two gashes to the throat – one that was two inches long and the other cut at one inch long.

The makeshift weapon used in the crime was a razor blade fastened to a toothbrush with dental floss and rubber bands.   After the crime, Mack told officers he made the weapon and said he shouted to Campbell “I’m the boss,” according to the complaint.  Mack also told officers that he did not like Campbell’s “demeanor” the day before about wanting to change things within Unit 1C.

According to the complaint, Campbell heard Mack say “I’m in charge here” and “you’re my bitch” during the attack.

Department of Human Services Commissioner Tony Lourey released the following statement:

“This assault had the potential to cause extraordinary harm. I am relieved that the injuries to staff, while serious, were not more severe. I am very proud of those who stepped in to protect their coworker and subdue the attacker. The safety of our staff is critical to the safety of our facility and is always a top priority.

“We have been in regular contact with the staff involved in this incident and their families. We are making counselors available to any staff who need them. We are working with police and will conduct an internal review of the incident.”

As for the condition of Campbell, Carlton County Attorney Lauri Ketola told FOX 21 on Thursday that Campbell “is alive and expected to live.”

Besides Mack’s three convictions of criminal sexual assault in 1996-1998, he was most recently convicted in 2014 of fourth-degree assault within a secure treatment facility that resulted in bodily harm.

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