Frostbite Stings the Northland as Hospital Admissions Spike

Officials from Essentia Health's Burn ICU warn against the cold.


DULUTH, Minn. – Frost bite is just one of the many dangers when temperatures bottom out as low as they’ve been in recent weeks.

Officials from Essentia Health’s Burn Unit say they have seen a spike in their admissions with seven frost bite cases in the last few weeks.

We spoke to a burn intensive care nurse about signs people should look out for if they’re concerned about frostbite.

“You’re going to see skin discoloration. You might start to see some blistering, kind of get that pins and needles feeling on your hands. You want to make sure you’re not rubbing your hands together to rewarm them because that could make the injury to be worse,” says Jessie Christopherson, assistant head nurse at the Essentia Health Burn ICU.

Along with bundling up experts also list hydrating and avoiding caffeinated beverages to avoid frost bite.

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