Tow Trucks Overwhelmed with Calls in the Northland

A frigid few days has led to hundreds of Northlanders experiencing car trouble.

DULUTH, Minn. – Tow Truck drivers all over the Northland have had a record setting few days as people’s cars are refusing to start due to the extreme cold.

In recent days, tow truck drivers have been inundated with hundreds of calls. “Well the last couple days hasn’t been a lot of sleep, I can tell you that, yesterday we received 266 phone calls. We weren’t able to service all of those people,” said Mark Androsky, owner of Stadium towing.

Many customers have needed jump starts due to all the frigid temperatures hitting the region, and drivers have even been prioritizing who to help first.

Emergency workers including police and doctors have remained at the top of the list because it’s been impossible to get to everyone.

“If it’s not an emergency I would just recommend stay home work from home if you can. But if it’s an emergency situation there’s help out there to come get you off the side of the road or get you on your way,” said owner of Get Hooked Towing Shane Madrinich.

If you’re still in a bind most drivers suggest waiting until it warms up to fifteen below because it will simply be easier on everyone involved.

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