Before Winter Storm, Cold Front Festival Moves In

Three Day Event Comes to a Close

DULTUTH, Minn.- Only in the Northland would there be an event named, and celebrating a cold front.

The Second Annual Cold Front Festival brought in folks young and old, enjoying the frosty festivities before winter wakes up again.

“Honestly I think the nice weather, being outside, y’know, it’s a good time to get everyone together, and it’s great fun,” said Marcy Dammann, a Parks and Recreation employee helping out at the festival.

“Just appreciate what’s around us in the community. There’s a lot of really great stuff going on.”

Live music was also featured each of the festival’s three days.

Endion Station hosted a coat drive with the event, giving out a free 10 ounce pour of Brewhouse Beer with each coat donated.

Parents push their kids down the tall sled hill, the sound of their cheers can be heard from the street.

The hill has some bumps, stopping some of the sledders in their tracks, but no bother. One more push from Mom or Dad sends them on their way.

From sledding, to fat-tire biking, and even building with the snow like sand on a beach, it seems the Northland is in its element in the winter.

“Seeeet, HIKE!”

And what Super Bowl Sunday would be complete, without some football?

In the snow behind the parking lot, up against the frozen grey lake, a makeshift flag football field is set up, lines and yardage drawn on with spray paint.

Kids, adults, and even Champ the UMD Bulldog toss the pigskin up and down the field, taking dives into the snow.

“It’s a lot more fun,” said Jace Pohlman, one of the players.

“It’s a lot more fun because you can, like, fall down and you won’t get as hurt as much,” said his football rival, Arlo Meilahn.

To them, the coincidence of playing on Super Bowl Sunday isn’t lost on them.

“Actually, it feels like we’re actually in the Super Bowl.” said Meilahn.

Here, the snow is more than just a nuisance on the road. It’s a toy, a cushion, a playmate through the winter months.

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